Gamification 3.0
Increase learner engagement by rewarding proactivity with incentives

Dwingo effectively improves gamification by using incentives solutions based on Blockchain Technologies. We enhance workforce performance by offering solutions for rewarding members in online platforms with Blockchain Tokens for valuable behavior. This behavior could include onboarding new members, creating valuable content, creating and joining events, answering questions of others, finishing learning tasks. The Tokens can be utilized within a learning platform or decentralized throughout an entire organization. Learners can redeem their tokens for real-world incentives.

& microlearning

Not only learners can earn rewards based on token incentives, but also L&D professionals can earn tokens when their training and content are apricated by stakeholders. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where learners, trainers, employers, advertisers, and content providers are connected using blockchain technology to transform education as we know it. To better share knowledge, to give trainers new ways to earn revenue, and to provide learners the ability to create a blockchain based record of their learning achievements. Based on 25 years of experience with the education industry and combined with our strong technical capabilities, we take the lead in creating a more effective way to engage learners.

and gamification